Unplaced Woodwards of Wake County, North Carolina

There are a number of records in Wake Co. for Woodwards who were probably descendants of Christopher Woodward. Although Christopher Woodward was not the only Woodward in Wake Co., he was the only one who lived in Middle Creek. His proven descendants frequently left records involving the Utleys, Jones, Seagraves, and other families.

Although some of the grandchildren of Christopher Woodward have been identified, it is possible that Jordan Woodward and Corbell Woodward left additional children who cannot be placed with their proper families, not to mention the children of James and Richard Woodward, none of whom have been proven. All of Pleasants Woodward's children have been identified. From the censuses, it appears that Richard Woodward had a son and several daughters. James Woodward also might have left children, but little can be deduced from his census. Both Richard and James Woodward sold land and vanished from Wake Co. records about 1809. It is possible that they sold out and left NC, perhaps together. Neither has been found in a new location if that was the case. It's also possible that one or both died.

The May 20, 1820 bastardy record for the child of Candace Stevens by Christopher Woodward (son of Pleasants Woodward) named as bondsmen: Christopher Woodward, John Peddy, and Thomas Woodward. No other records for this Thomas Woodward have been found. Certainly he was born prior to 1800, so he must have been of some kin to the first Christopher Woodward and a cousin of some description to the later Christopher Woodward named in the bastardy record.

The 1800 Wake Co. census included a listing for a Joseph Woodward. His family consisted of 1 male 26-45, 1 female 26-45, 1 male 0-10, and 4 females 0-10. By association, he would seem to be related to the Christopher Woodward family. He appeared on the Jonathan Thomas estate record with Richard Woodward in 1804. (See p. 217) In 1801, Joseph Woodward and Richard Searcy proved the Wake Co. will of Richard Mann. He was also listed on the Aug., 1810 inventory of the estate of Moses Hicks as owing the estate. He was not listed on the 1790 census in Wake Co. and did not appear on the next available census in 1830. His age frame was about the same as Christopher Woodward's children, and the name Joseph was frequently used in Christopher Woodward's descendants, but there was no Joseph named in Christopher Woodward's will. There was an extra Joseph Woodward listed on the 1830 Wake Co. census, but his family was almost identical to the other Joseph Woodward who was listed. (See p. 44) One and possibly both listings were for Joseph Woodward, son of Pleasants Woodward. The Joseph Woodward who was 26-45 in 1800 could not possibly be the extra Joseph Woodward from the 1830 census who was age 30-40, so he must have been the Joseph of the 1804 and 1810 records. It's possible that this extra Joseph Woodward on the 1830 census might have been a son of the earlier one. However, it looks more likely that Joseph Woodward, son of Pleasants Woodward, was simply enumerated twice on the 1830 census since the families are almost exactly the same. Joseph Woodward who was in Wake Co. from at least 1800 to 1810 also could not be Joseph Woodard of Johnston Co., son of Benjamin Woodard, and also could not be the son of Joseph Woodard of Johnston Co. Could he have been a nephew of Christopher Woodward who was raised with his other children? No marriage record for him has been found, but from his family as reflected by the1800 census, it appears that he probably married around 1790. He must have been born no later than 1770 and may have been born as early as 1755.

The Wake Co. court minutes of June, 1798 ordered that the road that leads from the former dwelling house of James Gains "be turned as far as Jos. Woodwards, along the road that leads to Averas ferry on the Cape fear River" and that the following persons be a Jury to turn the same and report thereon to next court (towit) James Huckabee, Andw. Peddy, John Burt, Silas Stephens, Peyton Morris, Vol. Auston, James Stevens, Richard Huckabee, William Wammock<?>, Bryant Baker, John Jones, James Jones, or any twelve of them. The Aug. 19, 1801 court minutes recorded "James Huckabee vs Joseph Woodward and Silas Stephenson, judgement final according to Specialty filed". James Huckabee certainly lived near the Middle Creek vicinity since the Feb., 1805 court minutes of Wake Co. Pleasant Woodward, Justice of the Peace, James Huckabee and Henry Jones, freeholders, as having been selected to take the votes at the Buckhorn District elections.

Andrew Peddy and James Huckabee are certainly associated with the Middle Creek area. The problem is the reference to Averas Ferry. Holly Springs Road, also called Avents Ferry Road, ran from Raleigh through Holly Springs and on to Avents Ferry which crossed the Cape Fear River in present Lee Co. where NC 42 now crosses the river. I have not been able to locate an Averas Ferry. If there was such a ferry, it might have been near the town of Averasboro in southeastern Harnett Co. near Erwin. I'm not sure if the recording of Averas Ferry in this record was an error for Avents Ferry or not. But in either case, this road must have run through the southern part of Wake Co. and would have been closer to the Christopher Woodward family than any other known Woodwards in the area. So there are several indications of a connection between this Joseph Woodward and the Christopher Woodward family. Exactly what that connection was has not been determined. Because of the wording of Christopher Woodward's will, it is even possible that he was another son who was not named in the will. If this was the case, it might be reasonable to expect that he was an older son who had already received his share. However, Joseph never appeared on a tax list as a landholder, so it does not seem that he had previously been given land. He also did not appear on any census until 1800 when he was 26 to 45 years old with 5 children in the household under 10. He could have been born as early as 1755 and waited to marry and establish his own home until just after the 1790 census. Joseph might have been one of the unexplained extra males who appeared on Pleasants' 1790 census. It is also possible that he was a younger man perhaps in his 30's in 1800. If so, he would more likely have been a nephew of Christopher Woodward and might have been raised with Christopher's other children. If Joseph was a nephew, who was his father? Was it just coincidence that Pleasants Woodward named a son Joseph, or was Pleasants' son named to honor this earlier Joseph?

One of Christopher Woodward's earliest records was as a witness to a deed to John Bradford. John Bradford's wife must have been a daughter of John Mann since Mann's 1787 Wake Co. will named son-in-law John Bradford as one of the executors. There was no son named Richard Mann mentioned in the will. I have not researched the Mann family to determine any other possible connection between Richard Mann whose will Joseph Woodward witnessed and the wife of John Bradford.

The Wake Co. Guardian Docket book contains records beginning in 1822 and includes a record for a Matilda Woodward. Her guardian was <unreadable> Allen, and the securities were Robert Crenshaw and John Laury. It states that her guardian was appointed Nov. term, 1811, her account was returned in May, 1822, and final settlement was made with William Joplin and "rect fild" Feb. term, 1819 by oath of guardian. This record followed the marriage of Matilda Woodward to William Joplin in Dec., 1818 with Robert Joplin acting as bondsman. Matilda Woodward was the daughter of John Woodward and Penelope Caroline Reaves. (See p. 377)

An Etheldred Allen acted as the bondsman for the 1832 Wake Co. marriage of Pouletta Woodward to John Barckley. Because of the common Allen records, it might appear that there was some kinship between Pouletta and Matilda Woodward. But the will of John Woodward named only one child. Since James Woodward and Richard Woodward disappeared from the Wake Co. records at about the same time, Pouletta could also have been the daughter of one of them.

The Wake Co. voter registration records contains some information which might offer some clues to untangle this family of Woodwards. In 1902, Joe Woodard of Swift Creek Twp., age 46, and M. W. Woodward of Raleigh Twp., 4th Ward, also age 46, stated that they were descendants of Berry Woodard/Woodward. If their ages as given here are correct, both would have been born about 1856.

M. W. Woodward was probably the M. W. Woodard who is buried in Oakwood Cemetery. According to the cemetery records, he died on June 7, 1919 at age 67, putting his date of birth at 1852. Also buried in the same Magnolia Hill section was an apparent son, Moses W. Woodard who was born in Raleigh and died on Jan. 6, 1959 at age 67. He was married at the time of his death, owned and operated Capital Cigar Co., and his living relative was listed as Mrs. Mary White Woodard. In 1967, Nancy Elizabeth Woodard, single, age 58, born in Wake Co., residence 3515 New Bern Ave., was buried in the Magnolia Hill section. Her living relative was listed as Mrs. Moses W. Woodard. In 1976, Mary Woodard who was born in Wake Co., no age or date of birth given, was buried in Magnolia Hill. Her residence was also given as 3515 New Bern Ave. The lot owner was listed as Moses Woodard, son. She was apparently the wife of Moses W. Woodard who died in 1959.

Also buried in Oakwood Cemetery, but in the Christ Church section, was another family of Woodards who would seem to be kin in some way to the Moses W. Woodard family above. In 1927, Joseph Woodard, born in Wake Co., age 65, residence Rt. 4, Raleigh, was buried in the Christ Church section. His living relative was given as Mrs. Roxanna Woodard. Mrs. Roxanna C. Woodard, born in Wake Co., residence Rt. 4, Raleigh, a widow, age 101, died in 1969. The lot owner was listed as Roxanna Woodard. Nathalie Gould Woodard, residence Roanoke, VA, died in 1989 and was buried in the Christ Church section in a plot owned by Roxanna Woodard. Her living relative was given as M. W. Woodard. In 1967, Joseph C. Woodard, born Raleigh, no age given, residence Roanoke, VA, was buried in the plot owned by Roxanna Woodard. His living relative was Natalie Gould Woodard.

The 1900 Wake Co. census listed Joseph Woodard born 1861, wife Roxanna born 1868, daughters Sadie P. born 1890 and Hallie McK. born 1893, sons Hubert E. born 1893 and Jodie C. born 1894. This family was listed 5 dwellings away from Christopher W. Woodard and wife Lurinda Hamilton. Joseph Woodard was certainly the Joe Woodard from the voter registration records who was descended from Berry Woodard as was M. W. (Moses W.) Woodard who was probably his brother.

There were two Berry Woodard/Woodwards. One was named as a grandson in the Johnston Co. will of Jethro Woodward. One Berry Woodward married Temperance Wilder in 1825 in Johnston Co. with Reuben Wilder as the bondsman. He was apparently the grandson of Jethro Woodward as he and Temperance are buried in Johnston Co. near Cattail Creek, an area associated with Jethro Woodward. (See p. 365)

Another Berry Woodard also married in Johnston Co. in 1825 to Cary Tucker. Irven Wilder was the bondsman. (It just happened that Irven Wilder was the father of Temperance Wilder who married the Berry Woodard who remained in Johnston Co.) He was listed on the Wake Co. census in 1850 in St. Mary's District and was the ancestor of Joseph and Moses W. Woodard according to the voter registration records. His age on this census was 51, and his wife Cary was 38. The children listed in the home were Martha 22, Mary 18, Joseph 15, Betsy 12, Sally 7, and Henry 2. The 1860 census listed Berry Woodard 59, Carry 55, Joseph 24, Elizabeth 20, Sarah 18, Henry 11, Moses 4, and Joseph 4/12. The 1870 census listed Caroline Woodard 62 with a young girl Gorge Annah Woodard 6 in the Swift Creek District near Aaron Johnson and wife Winney (Winifred) Woodard Johnson, daughter of Christopher Woodward and half-sister of Christopher W. Woodard, and near Archibald "Baldy" Taylor, son of Anderson Taylor and Dolly Jones, sister of Delia Jones. Berry Woodard had apparently died between the 1860 and 1870 censuses. Cary must have been a nickname for Caroline. Although from these records, it's still not clear who the parents of Moses and Joseph were, this is definitely the family that appears on the voter registration records, lived near Christopher W. Woodard, and was buried in Oakwood.

Berry Woodard who married Temperance Wilder appeared on the 1850 Johnston Co. census. He was age 49 and Temperance was 46. Others in the home (their children?) were Irvin 24, Katherine 22, and Jenith (female) 20, John 16, Winnifred 10, Mary 8, Pherebah 7, Nancy 4, and James 1.

Both Berry Woodards were listed in Johnston Co. in 1830, and both were married in Johnston Co., so both could have been descendants of Jethro Woodward. One certainly was, and the other is unknown. Although one of them lived very near Christopher Woodward, I found no other records that indicated any possible connection. However, there are some indications that there may have been a connection between Jethro Woodward and Christopher Woodward.

The marriage records of Wake Co. suggest other descendants of Christopher Woodward. The marriage bond for Mary Woodward to John Seagraves was dated June 17, 1800. The bondsman was Soloman Seagraves. I have seen some notes by other researchers that suggest that this Mary Woodward was the youngest daughter of Christopher Woodward. However, the 1840 census for Augustus Turner who married Polly Woodward in 1801 shows that his wife was age 60-70. None of Christopher Woodward's granddaughters by the sons named in his will could have been born this early, but age 60-70 does agree with expected age for Christopher's youngest daughter. Therefore, the Mary Woodward who married John Seagraves must have been the daughter of either Jordan Woodward or Corbell Woodward. Corbell Woodward frequently appeared on records in association with the Seagraves family. Charles Seagraves was the bondsman for the marriage of Corbell's daughter, Sarah Woodward, to James Edwards in 1812.

John Utley was the bondsman for the Dec. 7, 1843 marriage bond of Israel Privett and Harriett Woodward. Harriett's family has not been identified. Just the bondsman's name alone would suggest a connection to the Middle Creek families. However, there are some records that suggest that Israel Privett may have lived near David Bunch whose daughter married Budd Woodward who lived near the Little River and later moved to Raleigh. Budd may be associated with the Jethro Woodward or Elisha Woodard or Micajah Woodard families who also lived near the Little River. Israel Privett witnessed the will of William Privett who is known to have lived near the Little River. (See p. 370) Israel Privett was not listed on later NC censuses, so Harriett's approximate date of birth has not been determined.

James Huckabee was the bondsman for the marriage bond of Rebecah Woodward and Ransom Booth dated Nov. 11, 1819. James Huckabee also appeared on two records associated with Joseph Woodward who lived in Wake Co. during the late 1700's and early 1800's. (See p.184 ) John Huckabee deeded land on both sides of Middle Creek adjoining Hardy Sanders and Britain Sanders to John Farrar in 1788. John Huckabee (perhaps a descendant of the earlier John Huckabee) was a security for the 1822 guardian bond for Britain Utley's orphans. Britain Utley, son of John Utley and Mary Cooke, had married Mary Huckabee in 1788. James Huckabee married Francis Jones in Wake Co. in 1787 with Reuben Sanders (son of Hardy Sanders and Lucy Utley) as his bondsman. Gray Huckabee was the bondsman for the 1820 marriage of William Woodward, Pleasants' son, to Lottie Utley, daughter of Burwell Utley and Sallie Lashley and granddaughter of John Utley and Mary Cooke. John Woodward of Wake Co. who died in 1780 also left a daughter named Rebecca, but this 1819 marriage is later than might be expected for her. Richard Woodward and James Woodward disappeared from Wake Co. records by 1809, so Rebecca Woodward could have been either a daughter or a widow of either of them. She might also have been the widow of Joseph Woodward. In light of the 1801 Wake Co. court minutes record of James Huckabee vs Joseph Woodward and Silas Stephenson, I suspect that Rebecca was the widow of Joseph Woodward. It is very possible that she was a Huckabee prior to her marriage.

Since Joseph Woodward appears to be related in some way to the Christopher Woodward family, the Huckabee family may offer some clues if Joseph's wife was in fact a Huckabee. In 1788, John Huckabey of Wake Co. deeded to John Farrar of Mecklenburg Co., VA 1300 acres in Wake Co. on both sides of Middle Creek adjoining Hardy Sanders, Britain Sanders, and Matthew McCullers. This was certainly within a few miles of the Woodward, Utley, and Jones lands. A little more than twenty years earlier in 1767, the Bute Co. court minutes stated that John Huckaby and wife (not named) acknowledged a deed to John Beal for 434 acres dated Sept. 18, 1767. I don't know that John Huckaby who owned the land in Bute Co. was the same as the later John Huckabey of Wake Co., but the record is certainly of interest. Bute Co. existed very briefly in the area of Franklin and Warren Cos. The name John Beal is associated with records relating to the Oliver Woodward family. The 1769 Southampton Co. will of John Beel proves that his daughter Temperance Beel was the wife of a Woodard at that time. Soon afterward, by 1773, his daughter Lydia became the wife of Samuel Woodward who was probably the grandson of Oliver Woodward, Sr. (See p. 334) Warren Co. is associated with Richard Woodward of Nansemond Co., Edward and Sugar Jones, Solomon Alston, and Gideon Hunt Macon whose relationship to the Jones, Woodwards, McKinnies, Hintons, and Hunters will be discussed separately. The will of Oliver Woodward, Sr. named a son Richard Woodward who has not been successfully traced. It is possible but not provable that the Richard Woodward of Nansemond Co. who left records in Granville Co. may have been the son of Oliver Woodward, Sr. More research should be done on the Beel/Beal and Huckabee families in the Granville, Bute, Warren, and Franklin Co. area.

Other early Wake Co. marriage bonds that may or may not relate to the descendants of Christopher Woodward include:

Nathan Price to Nancy Woodward Mar. 8, 1805, John Powers and Reuben Carter bondsmen (She was the daughter of Jethro Woodward of Johnston Co.)

William Griffin to Elizabeth Woodward Dec. 4, 1817, Kinchen Griffin bondsman

Budd Woodward to Nancy Bunch Mar. 15, 1823, Samuel Wilder bondsman

Littleton Hicks to Polley Woodward Dec. 27, 1827, William Wilder bondsman

Rias Bunn to Elizabeth Woodward Nov. 27, 1830, Matthew Leopard bondsman

Marian Massey to Nancy Woodward Sept. 13, 1832, Joiner W. Watkins bondsman

Bartlett Pettiford to Salley Woodward Mar. 30, 1831, William A. Patterson bondsman

John Barckley to Pouletta Woodward Sept. 5, 1832, Etheldred Allen bondsman

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